Mail Outperforms Web

Technology is everywhere. Whether it’s in your pocket, on your desk, or on your wrist; digital media devices are always in front of us, demanding attention. Marketers everywhere are telling the public to, “Get online!” We must all, “Post! Tweet! Share! Like!” This is how you reach the market and grow your business… right?

There is tremendous opportunity when advertising through digital media. You can target specific groups and an unprecedented market size. Businesses have grown overnight thanks to the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, email and other digital venues. But, are these digital mediums the most effective form of advertising? Many studies have shown that good old-fashioned direct mail is often more effective than its digital competition.

Based on a report recently released by the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail’s response rate is 600% more effective than digital channels. The study compared direct mail to mobile, paid search, social media, email and internet display. The study also evidenced that the format of the mail relates to its effectiveness and response rates. The size and shape help grab attention, and oversized pieces performed the best. Not only are direct mail response rates high, the study also reported that they are on the rise. Direct mail is a strong form of communication and, when used correctly, can generate a strong ROI.

Millennials don’t read print though, right? Research shows that the opposite is true, and that Millennials respond well to print. Millennials receive hundreds of emails every week and are experiencing digital fatigue. Mail comes less frequently, and Millennials feel positive about receiving it. While Millennials are effectively targeted through digital mediums, print should not be abandoned, but should supplement the targeting strategy.

While digital media offers many sophisticated methods for targeting and reaching specific demographics, it is important to supplement digital programs with direct mail.  It’s targeted, in an environment that is less-cluttered, and it works. If you aren’t running a direct mail campaign right now, let Burton & Mayer help you build an effective, targeted campaign.

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