Before Print Services


Our team wants to help set you apart from the rest. We can help you develop new ideas that are custom tailored to your specific markets. We will work with you to help build marketing ideas, even outside of printed materials with the end goal of added success in mind.

  • Creative marketing ideas
  • Unique spins on “traditional”
  • Customized to help build your success

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Burton & Mayer's objective is to produce a piece that you're happy with. That begins with making sure that we have the best files going forward. We can help you design custom items with printing in mind. From small touches like the addition of a varnish, we can create a file that will really pop on press.

  • Designers in house
  • Layout design
  • Custom graphics

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With proofing systems that are specifically calibrated to match our presses, we can be sure that the colors and images all look exactly as they should.  If you happen to realize that you'd like to make a change, we can take care of it for you without the added hassle on your end. Our goal is to make our partnership with you develop, pulling on our experience, to lead to your success.

  • Proofing
  • Confirmation of file color correctness
  • Final alteration before print

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