You can rely on us to help you maximize USPS automation and sortation discounts. Integrated with Postal Service technology, our list processing program improves accuracy and optimizes carrier route sortation.  We’ll compare your mailing list to known mail addresses, convert addresses to zip +4® sequences and add the Postnet or 4-State barcode. As a logistics provider with in-house list processing services, we can add value to your distribution strategy, increase delivery location options and enhance your distribution plan.

Additional services include:

  • List Extraction and Insertion: Enhances mail sortation for greater savings while increasing distribution
  • Drop-Shipping: Facilitates drop-shipping of mail to multiple postal destinations to maximize postal discounts
  • Address Change Service: Tracks all address changes filed with the USPS, forwards mail to the new address and electronically updates any changes directly to the mailing list
  • Address Output Options: Makes options available for mailing addresses and customization by including indicia and/or return addresses, graphic images, etc.
  • Resident/Occupant Mailings: Offers list rental services to target ZIP codes and carrier routes for resident/occupant mailings
  • International Distribution: Provides discounted rates and faster delivery service for international mail


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